How PPE stops the spread of Covid-19

Stop the Spread of Covid-19 With PPE

What is Covid-19 and how does it spread

Covid-19 is an infectious disease that causes the person to have flu-like symptoms. It is transmitted through contact with bodily fluids and PPE can be used as a barrier to shield healthcare workers from contracting the virus.

Why do healthcare workers need PPE?

Healthcare workers are at risk of contracting contagious diseases when they come in contact with infectious bodily fluids (i.e. blood, saliva, mucus). When these infectious fluids make contact with the skin or eyes, holes can form which allow for the virus to be contracted and spread more easily.

How PPE can stop the spread of Covid-19

PPE, or Personal Protective Equipment, is the armour of the healthcare worker. PPE protects workers against external threats like infectious diseases and injuries to their skin. PPE can also be used as a barrier to shield them from contracting the virus that causes Covid-19; it must be worn in order to safely engage with patients who are infected with this deadly disease.

The CDC has issued guidelines for what kind of PPE should be utilized when treating patients affected by Covid-19: gloves, goggles, gowns and masks. These guidelines include detailed instructions for how each piece of equipment should be put on and taken off so that there are no gaps in protection. They also give recommendations for which type of gloves should best protect against different bodily fluids.

Different types of PPE for different situations

There are many different types of PPE that can be used for different situations. The type of PPE you choose will depend on the level of risk faced by the healthcare worker, the job they are doing and the material they are working with. It is important to also keep in mind that different body fluids behave differently, so it is necessary to consider what type of gloves should be used for this.

Choosing the right gloves

The CDC recommends nitrile or rubber gloves as a barrier to protect healthcare workers from Covid-19 but also warns that the virus can be present on any surface and is capable of remaining on certain objects for up to 6 days. This means that contact with any object must be avoided until PPE has been used to decontaminate it.

Gowns and masks

That being said, the CDC also recommends for working with Covid-19 that healthcare workers should wear disposable gowns and masks made of strong material like cotton or polypropylene. These are available in various sizes depending on the job at hand, e.g. gowns can be tied in the front, on the side or in the back.

Goggles are also available for workers who may be splashed with bodily fluids while performing their jobs. The CDC recommends that goggles be used to protect the eyes from any splashes of blood or other bodily fluids.

The importance of washing your hands before and after using any type of PPE

It is essential to wash your hands before and after you engage in any job for safety reasons. You will need to wash your hands in between jobs because you might be working with different materials and the risk of them contracting with fluids is heightened.

It is also important to remember to wash your hands before putting on gloves because the gloves are only effective if they are being worn correctly. This means that no gaps should be left open where exposure to any fluids may occur.

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