PPE Products Available to Prevent Viruses and Bacteria

PPE Products Available to Prevent Viruses and Bacteria

PPE to Stop Viruses and Bacteria

In order to stay safe and healthy, prevention must be your first order of protection. Proactive and not just reactive measures must be taken for optimal protection against those nasty bacteria and viruses. While proper separation, cleanliness, hygiene, and sanitation are the first and best methods, complete separation is not always possible, therefore the following range of different personal protective equipment is also extremely useful, even essential in many, many circumstances and situations.


The most paramount properties of gloves are a snug fit and a complete seal. Material that does not tear easily is a plus. Face Masks UK offer a wide range of sizes and a few materials at an affordable cost to supply you with plenty of gloves. Take care to always put on and take off your gloves properly without caused any inadvertent contamination, and never reuse disposable gloves, always grab a new pair when needed.

Disposable Gowns

While there are more heavy-duty, full-body coverage suits possibly on the market, the cost and ease of use are more prohibitive than the more easily used disposable gowns offered by Face Masks UK. Don’t be fooled by the description “Disposable”, Yes, these are meant as one-time use suits, but that does not mean they are not effective and durable. These tested and approved gowns will exceed any need.

Infrared Thermometer

One of the most, if not the number one most tell-tale sign of a body fighting an active virus would be a fever or elevated temperature. Many different types of thermometers exist to measure a body temperature, but none are easier or as safe as the no-contact, infrared thermometer. A fraction of the cost you may have believed they were, or maybe used to be. You can now obtain an infrared thermometer, the easiest and safest thermometer design possible from Face Masks UK today.


Some people prefer an apron in conjunction with long-armed gloves, arm sleeves, or similar combinations. If you are looking to try full-frontal aprons to cover and protect instead of full body suits, you can get quality aprons from Face Masks UK as well.


To protect against transmission and spread of viruses and bacteria, gloves that completely cover and seal off the hands and fingers are vital. So are masks that properly cover your nose and mouth to protect from inhaling or ingesting any virus or bacteria particles. But do not neglect properly protecting your eyes. While you are working directly with your hands and facing whatever it is you are focusing your attention on, your eyes are obviously pointed directly at the dangerous source of possible transmission and infection.

Safety Glasses can be the first defence as most possible contact or possible transmission can happen directly in front of your eyes, or head-on. However, for an extra and more complete means of protection, you should consider goggles. Goggles can properly seal around your eyes and face, and in coordination with a pertinent mouth and nose covering, a properly fitted mask, your defence will be nearly impenetrable so long as you maintain a careful procedure for putting on and taking off your array of personal protective equipment.

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Key workers themselves, or any type of supervisor of key workers, must think carefully about the selection of PPE. It is a very serious matter, but that does not mean it needs to be a difficult and painful decision just to choose the right pieces. Face Masks UK is much more than masks, they are also a capable and exceedingly preferred supplier for many more of your PPE (personal protective equipment) needs. Contact us today.

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